Thursday, February 11, 2010

Worried Man Blues

This is what you missed by not coming out to Mustang Sally's last Wednesday. Special thanks to Henrique on the Washboard (

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Concert to Raise Money for Haiti Relief

This Friday (Feb 12) I will be playing a show with several bands at The Covenant in Cincinnati Ohio to raise money for the people of Haiti.

Other acts include Sandcrawler, Lazy D, The Dukes, Total Dudes, and one of my favorite punk rock bands The Roofies! All this action for only $5 per person. The doors open at 6pm, Todd the Fox starts thumpin' and jinglin' at 7pm!

The Covenant
4139 Kirby Ave
Cincinnati OH

Check out the following link for more details!

I Barely Survived the Snow Monster...

I barely survived the Snow Monster that was waiting on my roof to catch me last night. It had long claws and huge paws and was possibly related to the other Snow Monster that scared Canal Street Tavern into cancelling the Co-Op last night. They must have been really frightened because nobody from CST called to tell me the show had been called off. Luckily one of the other performers has a history of battling Ohio Grassman Monsters and bravely determined the doors to the venue would be closed last night. He alerted me to save me from venturing into the ice-field parking lot armed with just a Cigar Box guitar and Suitcase Drum (thanks Reggie!).

I heard a rumor that they will try to schedule the performers again. They may have to wait until this herd of Snow Monsters leaves Dayton though...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Canal Street Tavern Musician Co-Op

If you want to see and hear some amazing and original performers for free then you need to check out the Canal Street Tavern Co-Op!

This Tuesday night (Feb 9th)I will be performing a 30 minute set of Hyper Delta thumpin' and jinglin'...Other acts include Paige from Jasper the Colossal, Chance from New Vega, and the fabulous Reggie Stone!! Don't you dare miss it!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Recording in process...

With the help of my pal Henrique Couto ( I have been recording some new tracks. Hopefully we can get the Mp3s and possibly a video or two up soon...